Tuesday, September 22, 2020

When he found me, I was frostbitten.
Laid to rest among winter's bellows.
I bared my teeth showing him,
to trek on elsewhere.
He stepped closer, slow drops of fire
dripped off his lips and onto my palms.
My color took form,
melting the last bit of snow caught in my throat.
My olive skin flushed to roseate horizons.
My tawny irises grew to chocolate
as his warmth tore through my veins.
He lifted me from the hollow
and honeysuckle waltzed around my nose.
I gazed upward and found myself in a spring garden.
My dirt-covered, thread barren garments, faded
a white gown now hugging my body.

This piece was published on page 56 of the Volume 1 Issue 3 Fall 2020 issue of Flora Fiction.

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