Near the Heavens

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

I sang toward the dawn, 
but dusk pulled me back.
I clawed until my fingernails 
were filled with dirt.
Flung the night sky 
and crashed into daylight.
Guided by flickering oil lamps. 
I rise up to the horizon 
just to take in the sight of golden wings, 
while I hold onto the rattling chains 
of the swing. 
Let us sleep alongside the breeze.
I look spring in the eyes 
and cry out for her to 
fill my breath. 
Oh! Lift me above the trees-tops
to have the best view of earth dancing. 
I flutter near the heavens 
and stretch my toes toward 
ancient brushstrokes.
April carries me to the 
I rest among creation.
Tonight, the darkness is hushed away.
All we have is now. 

This poem was published in the Winter 2020 Volume of The Aurora Journal. 

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