Pie Shop

Thursday, February 11, 2021

discount cutlery at the grocery store / a pair of gold forks and spoons / added to our kitchen drawer / piercing homemade desserts / my husband smells like saviors after dusk / Saturday / red stools at the lone diner / he orders apple pie / I ask him / to what end does cinnamon seek? / he showed me glory under golden crust / a plate slid to me / blueberry pie / in a glaze of midnight / as a young girl / I always dreamed / I would take a road trip / winding up in an unknown small town / a place where everyone knew / the exact spot / of the chipped paint / on the mayor’s shed / I’d stumbled into a pie shop / I’ve never seen a pie shop / but I believed in this one / inside / an elderly couple sat / their love as hungry as wolves / their stomach as full as Thanksgiving day / I sauntered up / asking to hear stories / of what they’d seen / what they’d tasted / asking if the fresh spring ever runs dry / they chortled / and spoke soft hums / I never looked down / at their order / now I know / there sat an apple pie / next to blueberry

This piece was published by Twin Pies Literary.

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