A Toast to Life

Friday, April 2, 2021

a toast to getting pulled into days passed, based on the way the sun settles around the trees / to the words I’ve learned and forgotten / to the lines on his palms / to the way my friends’ laughter never wavers as the years grow / to holding my arms tightly around your stomach as the dirt bike flew down back roads / to keeping every card from every holiday / to celebrating Valentine’s day in my elementary classroom / to forgetting birthdays but remembering each fiery spark in their eyes / to bonfires uphill from the dam / to sneaking fettuccine alfredo and breadsticks into the movie theatre / to every person who’s path has crossed mine, you helped make me / to watching him skip through the grass to make me laugh, even though he’s dislocated his left knee three times / to the green hoodie I will wear until it’s thread barren / to driving to a 9 to 5 and listening to the same songs I did in high school / to looking in the mirror and seeing someone whole

This poem was published in Issue 11 of CP Quarterly. 

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