Seas of Midnight

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

My hairbrush bristles break into seas of midnight /  my bathroom taking a claim on space / steering me into magic shows / where a roaring comet is always pulled from a hat / I look into my mirror and in place of where my teeth should be / I see a chorus of brazen stars / they began to shoot out of my mouth / and I rejoice at the carnival of reverie / I cured my thirst by guzzling the milky way / it left my body feeling sugared / in worlds that taste familiar / I open my mouth and belt out the moon / I savor her home song on my tongue / she gently tap dances on my gums / my fingertips fizz / I turn on my sink / and champagne cheers from Leo leak out / the rill feels heavy on my eyelids / I’ll only doze off for a moment / leaning back, I rest my feet on the planets

This poem was published in the Summer '21 Moonshot Issue of Peach Velvet Mag.

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