The Perfect Mix

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

This photo story was published in the August/September 2021 issue of Farm & Ranch Living Magazine.  

My husband, Ryan, and I adopted our dog Cedar when she was 12 weeks old. Her mom was a black Labrador and her dad was a husky, and she is a perfect mix of the two. She was born at a farm in a nearby town.

Aside from her tail, which is curled up, Cedar's appearance favors the Labrador side. The husky lineage comes out in her personality. For winter naps, Cedar will always choose a snow hill over her heated hut. She's energetic, too, and enjoys running laps around our foursquare farmhouse or playing with tennis balls.

On our farm, Ryan and I raise chickens and grow vegetables, and Cedar spends her days outside with the chickens. The animals have developed a friendly dynamic, though the chickens aren't always as keen on the idea of playing as she is. When chicks arrive in spring, Cedar is gentle with them. She allows them to climb on her and helps them to explore their new world. 

My husband also farms with his dad and grandpa on their family farm. Cedar loves to tag along and visit the cows. She's always excited to make friends with new animals she meets. As a puppy, she often joined Ryan in the field for tractor rides. At home, she likes to help when we plant our garden. She is especially happy to help with digging!

Our Cedar is the best farm companion anyone could ask for. She finds glory in all things outdoors, in nature around her. I'm so happy she gets to spend her days in a place she loves. 

Farm and Ranch Living Magazine also included a short write-up highlight Cedar. 


Breed: Labrador-husky mix

Age: 5 years

Hobbies: Swimming, running, napping

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