A Memory Passing By

Friday, August 13, 2021

sweltering summer days / bellowing pavement / in step with my dog / the days her joints didn’t ache / I took the road with the antique bridge / white stone / cupped by ancient hands / you two / pulled up beside me / your tawny car paint / bold in the light / to all the hours that find me / I can still see kindred toothy grins / matching green eyes with flickers of stolen sun / oh! how those precious moments in time / would latch to my soul / you in your blue flannel / and him with his disheveled hair / I choose to remember both of you like that / blood bonded / not baring teeth / from the sheets I shred / I build worlds / to appease the howls that haunt me / where you two stayed the same / as the day of your small town Sunday drive

This poem was published in the Hometown Issue of Journal of Erato.

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