Kinder and Gentler

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Oh, to be as kind and open as nature!

From the way 
the wind assists leaves of a tree 
to wave at the birds passing by,
to how delicately and intently 
the bee lands upon the petal of a zinnia. 

Oh! To embrace the warmth of the sun
and allow benevolence to sprout within us.

Oh! To be ignited with the courage to show up
as the moon does each evening 
after the roaring hills become faint. 

Oh! To unfurl a mindset as fresh as the North wind. 

Oh! To dream when dusk is swallowed,
as the squirrels curled up in the nooks of maples. 

Oh! To rest as time bellows
to be restored
as one returns to daily callings.

This poem was displayed in the Octagon Center for the Arts 2021 Gallery.

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