Winter Work by Kelli and Ryan Lage

Sunday, September 19, 2021

 The January winds wisp around the foxes' abode, 
built on the hill of our barren ground.
The fence line straight as an arrow,
fraught with trees and weeds,
collects snow and cattle.
Stakes planted by farmers of generations passed. 
Together we tend to the earth,
frozen and frigid from winter’s strong grasp.
This task is the first of many
that will bring rising hums of life.
Sturdy the plants will grow,
with stories to tell of farmers passing by. 
Stretching as the season passes,
eventually creating hymns for the countryside
that pour down the golden horizon.
By and by the daily quietness
transforms into pure stillness,
as the nickel moon rises.

This is a collaborative piece by Kelli and Ryan Lage. 

This poem was displayed in the Octagon Center for the Arts 2021 Gallery.

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