Made Up Of

Monday, May 23, 2022

I am made up of 
those who taught me.
The ones who made me laugh
those who made me roll my eyes
those who helped me see life 
within myself. 
I am made up of early mornings
and watching cartoons before
trotting onto the school bus.
I am made up of kicking my legs
while swinging,
to reach the sky during recess. 
I am made up of 
checking books out from the library.
I am made up of longstanding 
anger to get rid of strawberry milk
in the cafeteria.
I am made up of playing the clarinet
when I didn’t care about the clarinet.
I am made up of non-aesthetically pleasing 
outside of the lines
art projects,
that made my heart happy to create.
I am made up of days of Shakespeare lessons.
Counting my row of classmates,
to see what page my turn to
read aloud would fall on.
Making sure I know each word,
missing the story entirely.
I made up of looking out the window
during lessons.
Picturing the world outside,
longing for adulthood.
Only to grow, 
and step back into the school hallways.

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