Early Cuts Moodboards

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Photo credits are below.

Early Cuts Moodboard #1 (Starts with abandoned house)
Images sources (left to right): 1st Row: Dominik Dancs, Ariel Schlesigner, Annie Armstrong, Ramin Talebi
2nd Row: Jen Bern, Ew Witkowska by Juergen Teller for Vogue UK, November 1997, Nasia Sydeta, Maria Manthianngai by Agatha Mantuang

Early Cuts Moodboard #2

Image sources (left to right)

1st Row: Ferdinand Studio, Paolo Monti, oejerum, Swan Lake Ballet Poster
2nd Row: olivingclothing, splitblossoms on Etsy, Cliche Reutlinger La Loie Fuller, unknown
If any of these sources need to be correcte
d please let me know. I did my best to research each image. If any image belongs to you and you’d like to be tagged or removed from my moodboard, please let me know. Thank you all for sharing these beautiful images online. They all resonated with me.

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